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About AppleMacShop.com

AppleMacShop.com is part of Surrey Computer services and Echo Technologies. This website serves as a selling point for all things Apple®. This can range from Apple® Watches, iPhones, Mac Mini, iMac, MacBook Air, Macbook Pro and Macbook. Products can range from 2014 onwards. Surrey Computer Services and Echo Technologies started repairing and servicing Apple® products since 2005.

We are not linked or related to Apple directly or indirectly. All logos displayed on this site belong the respective companies and agencies. We are value added resellers. We buy in carefully selected stock, that is in great and prestine conditions. Give then a full health check and if repairs are required, we shall either repair and resell or sell as spares for repairs.

Not all products that are sold on this store is full working order. Any products sold that require parts, repairs or any other service, will be marked as such. Please play close attention to the title and desciption of the displayed products.

Terms and Conditions of Sale / Purchace

Products can only be returned within 5 days, and must have all packaging that came with it and must be in the same condition as at purchase. The product(s) can not be returned because you have had a change of heart, dont like it, can’t get on with it, found something cheaper etc. The only reason for a return that we will accept is if the product is defective upon collection or if the device becomes defective within 24hrs of purchase. You must notify of the defect within this time frame to qualify for the return.

Finally, please note that we levy a 10% restocking fee. For example if you purchased the item at £200 then we refund only £180. This equates to £10 out of every £100 pounds. We do this for an admin fee and for another health check / labour fee. You would have been made aware of this at the time of purchase. If you are unhappy with this, speak to finicial onbutsman. Click here to go there.

Errors and ommisions excempt. No liability. Without recourse.

Privacy Policy

This website will leave a cookie on your computer. We do not use tracking and analytics from this website. We do not sell or share any information. Any information you enter into this website is done so on your own free will. Security products are in place to prevent theft, but should this happen, we will take no liability for the theft of your data unless prescribed by law.

Errors and ommisions excempt. No liability. Without recourse.